Joint President's and Director General's message

Welcome to the A.I.S.E. website! Through this vital communications tool, we aim to provide our members, our stakeholders, consumers, end-users and the public at large with up-to-date information about our industry and the many initiatives underway through our industry association.

Household care and professional cleaning and hygiene products are an essential part of the daily lives of every European. Our industry benefits society in so many ways: we help deliver clean, hygienic and pleasant environments at home, at work and in public spaces, so people remain healthy, are more productive and enjoy greater wellbeing. 

To achieve this, we are proactive and relentless in our pursuit of more sustainable production, design, consumption and safe use of cleaning and maintenance products. A.I.S.E. has a long history in engaging our members in voluntary initiatives that serve as a role model for many other industries.  The industry is also committed to working with policy-makers at national, international, and EU levels, to ensure that the regulatory framework remains conducive to innovation, growth and competitiveness. To this end we call on the EU to abide by a set of key principles so as to secure an adequate policy framework for business.   

A.I.S.E., through its broad network, has been active as the expert, authoritative and credible voice of the industry in Europe for over 65 years now, so there is much to cover in these web pages. We hope you will find the website useful as a portal to our activities as well as all our technical resources, guidelines, tools and publications.

We welcome any feedback or questions you may have; the A.I.S.E. team is at your disposal.


Arndt Scheidgen
A.I.S.E. President 

Susanne Zänker
A.I.S.E. Director General