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More than a dozen plastics value chain organisations make public sustainability commitments

European plastics industry and value chain organisations present their commitments and pledges for a more sustainable plastics industry

A.I.S.E. announces industry-wide targets for sustainable packaging

The detergents and cleaning products industry is pleased to anounce its voluntary initiative which aims to increase the uptake of recycled content in plastic packaging over the next few years.

A.I.S.E. opens a Twitter account

A.I.S.E. starts to use the social media to engage on the key priorities for the industry

A.I.S.E. invited to share best practices at EU Commission conference on enforcement of key legislation


Safe use of products promoted by A.I.S.E at ECHA’s conference on enforcement



A.I.S.E. calls to secure the future availability of key ingredients to preserve liquid detergents

DUCC's history of supporting REACH

The downstream users of chemicals urge the EU Commission to support and promote the tools developed by industry to support the implementation of REACH

A.I.S.E.'s contribution to the Global Sustainable Development Goals

Corporate communication

A.I.S.E.'s committment to a sustainable future is outlined in this article published by H&PC

Reporting to Poison Control Centres


A.I.S.E. calls on the Commission and Member States to postpone the applicability dates for reporting to Poison Control Centres

Registration is open for the EPAA Annual Conference 2018 on 20 November


"Pooling resources to promote the use of alternative methods for advancing safety assessment"