REACH milestone achieved 31 May 2018: uniform regulatory system for chemicals now in place

Policy affairs
A.I.S.E. acknowledges that with the closure of the 2018 REACH registration deadline an important milestone has been achieved with the aim to improve the protection of human health and the environment. REACH (EC 1907/2006) will now become fully operational together with the existing chemicals regulatory framework (CLP, Biocides, Detergents Regulation etc.).

This important achievement was only possible with the involvement and commitment of the economic operators manufacturing and formulating chemicals products. Being a responsible industry, the detergent sector started actually already before the publication of REACH with a voluntary industry programme in 1999 to carry out Human and Environmental Risk Assessments (HERA) on ingredients of household cleaning products in a transparent way together with the chemical supplying industry. 

Collaboration with ECHA and CEFIC, as well as the cooperation with other downstream sectors in the DUCC platform was and continues to be vital for downstream users to ensure the needs are understood by the suppliers and the uses covered throughout the entire process of REACH. 

The detergents and  maintenance products sector will continue to engage with authorities for a transparent and fair internal market helping the EU’s competitive position in the global economy and to further stimulate innovation.

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