Better Regulation and Safe Use (BRE&S) Project


  • EU Better Regulation agenda : framework and a mind-set shift for improvements to EU legislation
  • A.I.S.E. proactively engaged to drive safe use of products (on pack info, specific projects/campaigns)
  • CLP (since June 2015) leading to disproportionate on-pack labelling
  • EU assessment confirms high administrative cost of chemical legislation for the detergent sector 

 Objectives of BRE&S project


Improve effectiveness of safe use communication (labels and other means, e.g. digital), to make sure that consumers:

  • notice the safety information
  • understand it, and
  • act upon it

Product scope?

Household detergent and maintenance products


  • In a resource/cost efficient way for business
  • Enabling greater flexibility and innovation
  • Proportionate to actual risk

Who is involved ?

  • Lead role : A.I.S.E. network & industry experts (R&D, regulatory, marketing, market research, designers)
  • In close dialogue and interaction with :
    • Medical personnel (Poison Control Centers, specialists)
    • EU and National Authorities
    • Other partners (NGOs, other industries, ...)

Activities to date (as of Oct. 2016)

  • Active contribution to the EU Refit assessments by the European Commission
  • Aggregation of existing data/studies
  • Consultation with PCCs (May 2016)
  • Stakeholder workshop (June 2016) - see link on website
  • Qualitative consumer research on current labelling (June 2016) - see poster herewith
  • Consideration of next steps with relevant partners and stakeholders (Oct. 2016 onwards) - see summary slides herewith