Keep Caps From Kids

Keep Caps from KidsThe pan-European consumer education initiative "Keep Caps from Kids”  was launched in September 2014. Developed by A.I.S.E. and its members, the campaign is also accessible for free to all stakeholders (e.g. PCCs, authorities, retailers, associations of pediatricians, etc.) who can amplify it through their own communication channels. Through social media and online information, this digital campaign complements the measures of the Product Stewardship Programme. By visualising how kids explore the world, the educational and positive tone of the campaign is a clear call for action to parents and people looking after young children to always keep these products away from children. In September 2017, a new edition of the campaign was launched, featuring more concrete advice on how to prevent kids from being hurt and how to use capsules safely and store them out of the reach of children.

Consumers and any professionals involved with child safety are warmly welcomed to help spread the word and make the campaign viral on the web.

More information about the campaign is provided here.