Keep Caps from Kids - Consumer Education Campaign

The "Keep Caps from Kids” campaign for Liquid Laundry Detergent Capsules is a voluntary initiative of A.I.S.E., opened on 1st July 2014. This campaign builds on a series of voluntary initiatives already undertaken by A.I.S.E. in the domain of safety and sustainability. 

A.I.S.E. and its member companies involved in the liquid laundry detergent capsules market in Europe regard the safety of consumers as a top priority. This consumer education campaign aims at securing the safe use and storage of liquid laundry detergent capsules by parents and children carers, to ultimately significantly reduce the incidence of accidental exposure, in particular of small children, to these products.

This campaign is deployed in a specific time window and based on a communications toolkit centrally developed by A.I.S.E.. The concept of the campaign is that it is led by A.I.S.E. and its National Associations, jointly with laundry detergent companies involved in the product scope, based on the "KEEP CAPS FROM KIDS” communications toolkit. 

The toolkit is also available to other potential partners of related industries (e.g. retailers) and other relevant stakeholders (e.g. consumer NGOs, Ministries of Health, Poison Control Centres, Pediatricians Associations) but also to consumers who can help spread the message of the campaign. The campaign has as core feature the web portal. 

Campaign outline

  • Product Scope: The campaign focuses on the safe use of "liquid laundry detergent capsules", in other words, any liquid laundry detergent contained in a water soluble wrapper. This includes auxiliary laundry washing products.
  • Geographical scope: EU 28 + 4
  • Campaign material: Multi-lingual website, video, web banner, Twitter: @KCFK_Campaign
  • Campaign Overview Presentation (PDF) (UPDATED OCTOBER 2015)


The campaign is open to different partners whether members or not of A.I.S.E. and its National Associations.

  • Campaign Partners/Sponsors: companies manufacturing and/or placing on the market household liquid laundry detergents capsules
  • Campaign Partners/Retailers: retailers selling household liquid laundry detergents capsules (either branded or private label products)
  • Campaign Partners/Suppliers: for ‘Business to Business’ companies which may be related to this sector (e.g. suppliers)
  • Campaign Partners/Institutional Organisations: for organisations such as Non-Governmental Organisations, Academia or National Authorities (e.g. consumer  NGOs, Ministries of Health, Poison Control Centres, Pediatricians Associations)


  • 1 July 2014: Project opened for commitment to partners
  • August 2014: Opening of the campaign website
  • August 2014-July 2015: Activation of the campaign
  • July 2015-August 2016: Campaign extension 
(see details in project description below)

More information/how to participate:

For more information on the Keep Caps from Kids Campaign, please consult the full project description below. If you wish to participate, please return the commitment letter signed, with annexes filled in, to the A.I.S.E. team (contact Christine Boudet, Boulevard du Souverain 165, 1160 Brussels, Belgium).
Project description (PDF) UPDATED JULY 2015

Commitment letters:

Companies & Organisations participating

For further information on the campaign, please contact Aisling O'Keane, Valérie Séjourné or Caroline Dubois