Candle emissions standard

Building on its Air Fresheners Product Stewardship ProgrammeA.I.S.E. initiated in 2010 a project that aimed at developing a methodology to measure emissions from scented candles, as a first step towards a voluntary programme of EU-wide emissions control for candles. Building on this work, A.I.S.E. in collaboration with the Association of European Candle Makers (AECM) and the European Candle Association (ECA), submitted a project to the Eurpean Committee for Standardization (CEN) in October 2012 to develop a standard for the measurement of emissions from combustible air fresheners. This proposal was approved and work is progressing to ensure that a safety standard will be developed with the active input from industry.  
This standard, handled under CEN Project Committee 421 "Emission safety of combustible air fresheners”, covers:

  • the development of standardised test methods for the emissions resulting from the use of combustible air fresheners,
  • a methodology for the assessment of test results and application of recommended emission limits,
  • appropriate information to consumers on the safe use of the products related to the emissions.