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Industry flagship initiative

The Charter for Sustainable Cleaning is the flagship voluntary sustainability initiative of the European cleaning and maintenance products industry. The aim is to encourage the whole industry to undertake continual improvement in terms of sustainability and to also encourage consumers to adopt more sustainable ways of doing their washing, cleaning and household maintenance. 

Since the Charter was first launched in 2005, nearly 250 companies have joined the initiative, representing over 95% of the total production output for Europe.

The Charter promotes and facilitates a common industry approach to sustainability practices in the production, design and consumption of detergent, maintenance and cleaning products, based on a lifecycle analysis (LCA) approach. A wide variety of activities and requirements are covered, ranging from the human and environmental safety of chemicals and products, to eco-efficiency, occupational health and safety, resource use and consumer information. Companies can demonstrate sustainability assurance for individual products, with an enhanced Charter logo.

A.I.S.E. has developed and manages the Charter scheme on the industry's behalf. Membership is open to companies that manufacture, distribute or market soaps, detergents, maintenance products or cleaning systems in all EU countries plus Iceland, Norway, Switzerland and Liechtenstein. Membership of A.I.S.E. is not required.  

For more information on how the Charter functions, see the Charter for Sustainable Cleaning website

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