Best use information

Cleanright best use panels & on-pack information

On billions of detergents and cleaning product packaging across Europe and via the website, consumers obtain easy-to-understand tips and pictograms on how to save energy, water, CO2 and money while cleaning. These tips were developed by A.I.S.E. and are available to all industry players to ensure consistent information to consumers.
Developed per product category, the  "Cleanright best use panels” are available for laundry detergents, automatic and manual dishwashing detergents, all purpose cleaners, trigger sprays and other consumer products. A similar set of panels exists for professional users to promote the sustainable use of biocides.

Companies may download the artwork here, free of charge, for use on their product labels.

All Cleanright Best Use Panels consistently point to the consumer portal. Developed by A.I.S.E. in 2004, Cleanright is the place to go in Europe for consumers looking for clear and accessible information on cleaning products and their safe and sustainable use. Available in 25 languages, the portal reaches out to over 500 million European citizens and has more than 300,000 visitors.