Market and economic data


In 2017, the total market value of the household care and professional cleaning and hygiene sector in Europe was estimated at €35,9 billion (up from €35,6 billion in 2016). There was steady growth for the European industry, with an increase of 1.2% (vs 2016) for the household market and 1.7% for the professional cleaning and hygiene sector.

Household Care Sector

Consumers in Europe spent an estimated €28,6 billion (in 2017) on household care products (compared to € 28,3 billion in 2016). In 2017, all household care markets grew slightly,
in particular surface care and maintenance products

The industry is grouped around five main product areas, sold mostly through grocery retailers (85%), pharmacies and drug stores (9%). Products are affordable, easily accessible to consumers and have become "must-haves” in every household.

Professional Cleaning & Hygiene Sector

Business customers spent an estimated €7,3 billion in 2017 on professional cleaning and hygiene products and services (compared to € 7,1 billion in 2016). In this sector, there was growth in most markets in 2017, in particular in the area of healthcare.

In the professional cleaning sector, specialised cleaning and hygiene products are delivered for a wide range of sectors and applications (e.g. hospitals, nursing homes, restaurants, food factories, farms, industrial facilities, management cleaning, commercial laundries, military institutions, schools, universities, hotels). These products are supported by technical advice, expert services and equipment.

Note : Market data is provided both by Euromonitor International and A.I.S.E. national associations. The data is for the year 2015 for the EU 28 plus Norway and Switzerland.