Consumer activities

Cleanright consumer information portal

Cleanright continues to grow as the place to go for clear and accessible information on household and maintenance products.

Available in 26 languages, the portal reaches out to over 500 million European citizens and has recorded more than 300,000 visitors to date.

Through the portal, people can find a comprehensive range of information, regularly updated, explore the Clean House, Safe Home and meet Mr Sponge.

Safe use/product safety

A.I.S.E. is continually working to make sure safety information to consumers is clear and accessible and effective.  

As well as supporting the implementation of the Classification, Labelling and Packaging Regulation in Europe, we have additionally led the development of a set of safe use pictograms and instructions for household cleaning products. We encourage manufacturers to add them to labels to align the industry’s safety information and communicate unified messages throughout Europe.

A.I.S.E. makes these pictograms and tips easily available to both members and non-members of A.I.S.E., in multiple languages. They can be downloaded from our website, here

People can also see and read about them on the Cleanright website. 

To view the number of units sold in Europe of products with the safe use icons, click here

Best use/sustainable consumption  

A.I.S.E. believes that a science-based approach taking into account the complete product life cycle is essential to progress towards sustainability.

When looking at the life cycle analysis of most cleaning products, it emerges that by far the biggest impact on the environment happens not during manufacturing, but when the products are used, notably because of the energy and water needed to do the laundry or wash dishes.

Learn about the various A.I.S.E. initiatives which encourage and promote sustainable consumption-such as Cleanright ‘Best Use Tips’ and the ‘I prefer 30°’ low temperature washing campaign-here.