Standards and industry guidelines

Through our network of national associations, direct member companies and experts, we are able to draw on rich and varied expertise to form working groups to develop robust and high-quality industry guidelines and advice. A.I.S.E. currently offers:
  • On December 2014, EU Commission published Regulation (EU) N° 1297/2014 on liquid laundry detergent capsules, the "Soluble Packaging Regulation”.   A.I.S.E. has developed guidelines on the implementation of this Regulation. The guidelines provide practical tools and advice on mandatory measures including  A protocol for measuring oral rejection time, a test protocol for measuring the liquid containment function of soluble packaging and a dynamometric test protocol for measuring the mechanical integrity of the soluble packaging. Download A.I.S.E. Guidelines on CLP implementation for liquid laundry detergent capsules v2 (Nov 2018)
  • Laundry Detergent Testing Guidelines for assessing the performance of laundry detergents across Europe in a consistent and robust way
  • Industry guidelines on the safe handling of enzymes in detergents manufacturing
  • Candle emissions standard aimed at developing a methodology to measure emissions from scented candles
  • Use of "Do Not Flush" icon on wipes
  • A.I.S.E.’s Detergents Working Group has published updated Detergents Regulations Implementation Guidelines for manufacturers to help them comply with the amended regulation. The Detergents Regulation (EC) No 648/2004 that went into effect in 2005 and was the updated  by Regulation (EU) No 259/2012 establishes common rules to enable detergents and surfactants to be sold and used across the EU, while providing a high degree of protection to the environment and human health.