Description of uses

A.I.S.E. works closely with its substances’ suppliers to ensure safe use of chemicals as substances or in products all across the supply chain.

A.I.S.E. has developed comprehensive use description tables based on the ECHA use descriptor system. Identifying all uses of a substance in end-products enables the risk assessments derived from REACH to be the most appropriate and accurate for ensuring the safe use of chemicals in Europe. 
Please note that the current ECHA guidance R12 on use description is under revision and may impact the A.I.S.E. use mapping tables. 

Tables of uses

These tables of uses, which follow the standard use reporting format agreed under DUCC, cover the vast majority (>80 %) of the uses by A.I.S.E. members, both large and small companies. Registrants are encouraged to consider them as representative for the sector when they prepare for use communication to their customers and for exposure scenario development.

All process categories, product categories, environmental release categories and conditions of uses which are relevant for each use for the cleaning and maintenance products sector are covered in detail*.

(*) Please note that the Use Maps currently available under the ‘Download’ section are currently being reviewed to take into account the latest developments in terms of templates and technical knowledge. An updated version will be available on this page later this year in the course of summer 2016.